Visceral Release to Release Tension in Major Organs

Visceral Release to Release Tension in Major Organs

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Visceral release manipulation is a physical therapy technique to release tension in and around the internal organs. It's very gentle and will not cause pain, but our patients feel the positive effect afterwards. It helps to release restrictions and reverse unhealthy compensations that can cause pain, discomfort, and restricted mobility or movements.

Points of restrictions that are found in an around organs are gently released in the organ itself or the surround connective tissue. This tension can cause other muscles or body parts to be limited in motion and cause increased pain in different areas of the body. Areas of tension and restriction will continue to be monitored and released again upon need by our physical therapists in Casper, WY.

Visceral Manipulation

  • Releasing compression along vascular structures that create restrictions, patterns and pain
  • Releasing restrictions along the vascular structures
  • Increasing Blood Flow/Circulation to an organ improves function of the Viscera
  • Improving local and general blood circulation
  • Restoring intelligence (neurological joint such as a knee) through improved blood flow
  • Improvements with trauma and post surgery when conventional musculoskeletal techniques give limited pain and function/relief