Orthopedic and Sport Injuries

Orthopedic and Sport Injuries

If you need rehab after surgery, we will help you follow the doctor's protocol to get you back on your feet. Depending on the surgery, we will work on your soft tissue to release tightness and reduce swelling. After finishing the post-surgery protocol, we will then help you strengthen and stretch the joint or muscle. From there, we tend to progress into resistant strengthening and ensuring you can gain your range of motion back to the maximum range. For all of our physical therapy patients, we work with you more aggressively in the beginning and then help you start doing more and more therapy on your own.

Knee Surgeries

Whether you've had a total knee replacement or another knee surgery from a sports injury, we will work with you to regain your mobility and stability. We'll start following your doctor's protocol, then work with you to make sure you can continue your rehabilitation at home to get you back to 100%.

Hip Surgeries

For physical therapy after a hip surgery, we want to help you while you're still using an assistive device and afterwards. We work with our patients to ensure that the fine muscles also recover so that you can regain your balance and stability as well as your full mobility.

Shoulder Surgeries

We work with patients who have had rotator cuff repairs and reverse shoulder surgeries, or if you've had orthopedic shoulder surgery where rehab is needed instead of surgery. To improve your range of motion, we'll work with the muscles in the shoulder that provide range of motion, and help you strengthen your shoulder.

If you've had another type of orthopedic surgery or injury, like a sprained ankle or broken elbow, we will work with you to regain your muscle and joint mobility and strength. We also provide sports injury taping for you to provide support for the muscle or tendon.

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